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Cool Links!


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Here's one to bookmark:, the Source!

Got some time? Browse around James Lilek's Institute of Official Cheer. Old ads from the 70s, comic books from the 50s, gruesome yet wholesome recipes from the 60s: it's all here! I love this stuff and you will too.

Local music is alive and well! Just check out the talented musician Karl Sharicz. He regularly plays at nearby (to me!) McNally's Pub in Westminster, Ma. Check out Karl at Fat Apple Music.

Are you as hungry as I am? Probably not. We McGrails have big ol' appetites. Which is why I have to add a couple of links related to food! The first one, LuckyPlate, is run by the beautiful and funny Kathleen Kotwica. A fan of going back to the 80's as much as me, she's also a first rate cook.

I ended up on another great cook's website, and I couldn't be happier! Like most websites, his totally rocks and makes this one look like something from 1995, but I'm forgiven cuz I'm an artist and known to shun all things modern. Enjoy StephenCooks and the gastronomic delights featured there.

UPDATED! Great artists don't die, they just mill around Boston until they become fed up and then they start kicking ass. Check out the website of an artist I've known since high school, Scott Ambruson. Proof anyone who visited our pad at 118 Pleasant Street in the late 80s was destined to become a star.

Don't be such a stick in the mud! Check out Erica Ferencik's wicked funny site Wake Up And Smell The Blog!

I discovered an extremely cool artist's site. Tori Amos's video for "Sleeps With Butterflies," is inspired by Aya Koto's illustrations. They will blow you away.

Click this banner: The site is called Cheval Noir.

Check out the McGrail Farm Website, created by my brother Jim McGrail. When us McGrail kids were little, we used to visit our grandparents in who lived in an historic farmhouse. Jim's got the lowdown on all kinds of facts about the place, including famous visitors like Ireland's president Eamonn De Valera and John F. Kennedy!

For info on a great organization for writers, check out the New York Writers Coalition. It's run by Aaron Zimmerman, author of By The Time You Finish This Book You Might Be Dead.